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The power of pets: A day in the life of Ruby
Karen and Ruby

Hi. I'm Ruby. I am a Jack Russell terrier and I am Karen's owner (even though she tells people she owns me!) Karen is my mom now. Even though I had a bad start to my life, now I really feel I landed on my paws. Since I found my forever home, I have learned to trust a bit more and I love my new life. I have lots of space but I live indoors where it is warm and dry. My hobbies include eating, getting my belly rubbed, sleeping, going for walks and playing fetch with a ball or chew rope. Now I will tell you a little about my daily life.

Wake up!

I used to sleep on the couch but I started waking up at 5am. I used to bounce off the door and scratch it until my mom would get up and let me out to snuggle on her bed. She said I was like something out of Jurassic Park. Like a Velociraptor I think she said. I am really smart though and realized, if I kept waking her super early she would give in and let me sleep on her bed all the time. Mission successful! Nowadays I wake when mom wakes around 7-7.30am. I go outside and go to the bathroom. When I come back in, I have some breakfast. Usually chicken, beef, lamb or salmon flavored nuts. They are for a sensitive tummies so they are expensive but my mom says only the best for her princess! Then I usually go for another snooze because I love my morning nap. 

Mid Morning

Between 9 and 11. I love walking with mom but I'm always sure to be on my best behavior. We live in the country. It's a quiet enough road. My mom has trained me not to be excitable on the road. I never cross in front of her because I might trip her. If I'm coming out too far she just says 'In' and I know I need to move in. My mom decides the pace because I know sometimes she is not as steady on her feet or is tired. I never pull hard on the lead because I am afraid I might hurt her. Sometimes she falls but if she does I never run away. I just stay in one spot until she gets up. At the start that was hard for me because I was very nervous. I worry that she might be hurt but she just does the best she can to get us back home. 


After my walk, if I am muddy I get a bath or sometimes she cleans me with wet wipes. I really hate baths or being cleaned. However I stay still in the bath when she washes me. I know she finds it hard to bend so I will do exactly what she says. When she is finished, I jump out of the bath onto a towel while she dries me with another towel. I get mad at my mom for about an hour after and I will ignore her. When I get over it I go for another sleep. If mom cleans the house I don't really like it because she gets out the vacuum cleaner. I hate that almost as much as baths! She gives me a treat when she is finished. She is a nice lady really.  If I play it right I bet she will give me belly rubs later! A few weeks ago, Mom got me a new toy. She is using it to train me. She is trying to improve my recall as us Jack Russell types have a naughty side. She also gets me to sit if I get too boisterous and this helps calm me down. I also alert my mam if someone is outside our house. I am a great watch. I don't miss anything! 


Before dinner I go for a bathroom break. Sometimes I go rogue and run behind my aunts house over to my grandparents place. I don't go on the road but there is plenty of grass for me to run through behind my moms, aunts' and grandparents house. My granddad opens the door and I run in and jump up on the couch. I only stay for around 10 minutes because my tummy is rumbling. I know when I go home, mom will have my dinner in my bowl. I arrive home. (I don't stay away for too long because my mom might get worried.) I eat my delicious food and go for (you guessed it), another sleep. Sometimes when I wake up, mom plays fetch with me. There is a long hall to chase after the ball. We play for about 15 minutes. Mom tries to exercise me as much as she can. I behave better if I am kept stimulated. 

Bed time. 

My mom goes to bed around 10. She retrained me to sleep on the couch because she often woke with me wedged into her back. That was painful for her so I don't mind that she is more comfortable in bed without me. She is trying new ways to get me to communicate with her. Going back and forth to the door was getting harder for her so now, I put my paws on the side of the couch and go to the door. That means I want to go out. It really is a dogs life in my home.

I hope you enjoyed hearing all about me. If you ever see us out walking be sure to say hello. Maybe you could tell me if you have a pet?


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