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Check out these resources to support you in making decisions about your MS management together with your care partner and your healthcare team.

As a person living with MS you can take an active role in making decisions about how your MS is managed and advocate for your care through ongoing and collaborative discussions with your healthcare team. Sharing your lived experience, symptoms, and side effects, as well as your expectations and concerns, will help you manage your MS together with your healthcare team. 

MS Decisions Together

My MS Checklist

My MS Checklist is a short checklist tool designed to help you prioritize what is most important to you in your MS management and care plan before an appointment.

MS Decisions Together

My MS Workbook

My MS Workbook is a comprehensive reflection tool to help you and your care partner to prepare for more in-depth discussions with your healthcare team in advance of your next appointment. Alternatively, you can also complete this workbook on your own and use it for self-reflection.

YourMS Questionnaire

YourMS Questionnaire

To track your symptoms, check out YourMS Questionnaire to help you and your healthcare provider to know if there have been any changes in your MS symptoms and their impact.

My MS Workbook and My MS Checklist are collaborative resources co-developed by the MS Community with Novartis to help people living with MS and their care partners identify priorities and prepare for MS management discussions with their healthcare team.  

Hear from others living with MS in My Love Stories, a series that explores the unique and remarkable journeys to finding love with MS, including traveling, becoming a mother and focusing on self-care.

About these resources

Making MS Decisions Together is the result of the collaborative work from a shared decision-making steering committee in MS, co-developed by Novartis in partnership with the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA). The expert steering committee consisted of Prof Alice Laroni, Amanda Montague, Dr Amy Sullivan, Anita Williams, Colleen Harris, George Pepper, Guillaume Molinier, Karen Foster, Pieter Van Galen and Dr Sharon Stoll.

Based on insights obtained from surveys with people living with MS and healthcare practitioners, the steering committee co-created My MS Workbook and My MS Checklist, aiming to empower people living with MS and their care partners in the shared decision-making process and support them when preparing for their appointments with their healthcare team.

The My MS Workbook and My MS Checklist allow you to reflect on your MS symptoms, how your MS affects your lifestyle and what aspects of your MS treatment and MS management are most important to you. These tools will help you and your care partner prepare for your MS appointments and consultations with your healthcare team and help you focus on the areas of MS management that matter to you in conversations with your healthcare team.

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