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The MS Explained video series aims to help you with your Multiple Sclerosis (MS) by providing advice and answers that support you with the challenges you face daily.

Through the MS Explained videos, our experts take you through a number of different topics you might experience during your MS journey. These include helping you to better understand your MS symptoms and how to spot and track them, signs of progression and coping with the impact of MS and how to best manage it, as well as some ideas for how best to live with MS day-to-day, with tips on staying active with MS, managing your mental health and how to deal with pain.

MS can feel like you're learning a whole new language. It may feel overwhelming at times but getting clued up on these terms can be very helpful when it comes to having positive conversations with your doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. The MS Explained Dictionary Terms are also here to provide easy explanations to help you translate tricky MS wording into everyday language.

By understanding and managing your MS as early as possible, you will be in the best position to control and delay future progression.


MS Explained Videos

Early symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Identifying early symptoms of MS is important. In this video we look at how to identify MS symptoms as quickly as possible to help diagnose and receive the best course of treatment.

SPEAKER: Dee Stoneman, Global Brand Medical Director - Neuroscience at Novartis

How is Multiple Sclerosis diagnosed?

Everyone’s MS journey is different, but there are some similarities. We take you through how MS is diagnosed and what steps or tests you can expect to experience. 

SPEAKER: Dee Stoneman, Global Brand Medical Director - Neuroscience at Novartis

How to spot physical and cognitive symptoms

In this video, we look at how MS can affect many different areas of the body and can present itself in a variety of symptoms. We discuss how to track both cognitive and physical symptom changes to help you and your doctors manage your care.

SPEAKER: Dr. Thomas Hach, Global Brand Medical Director – Neuroscience at Novartis

Useful tips to stay safe during the pandemic

Watch as we discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people with MS and tips on how to avoid infection.

SPEAKER: Dee Stoneman, Global Brand Medical Director - Neuroscience at Novartis


MS Explained Dictionary Terms

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