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Jamie Tripp Utitus

Jamie Tripp Utitus

Living Like You Bloggers

"The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.” - C.C. Scott

Surprisingly, Jamie Tripp Utitus’ writing career began with an MS diagnosis. What began as a personal blog (Ugly Like Me) and an attempt to cope with a shocking diagnosis, her teaching career and her growing family, soon evolved into a new profession. She left teaching and began her new MS life as a freelance writer three years ago, and hasn’t looked back. Today she blogs and community manages MS communities in over 95 countries, while writing a bi-weekly Parental Guidance blog. She is also the author of Zoe Bowie Sings, Despite All Sad Things, a children’s book about MS and is looking forward to being this year’s keynote speaker at the Doctors 2.0 & Youconference in Paris later this year.

*Living Like You bloggers are financially compensated at a reasonable market rate for their time. Payments to bloggers in no way influences their writing, opinions or perspectives on life with multiple sclerosis.