Your MS Symptoms: We Have a Hack for That

Life is busy! Remembering every event, when and where your medical appointments are, or even where you put your car keys can be tiring. Because of this, there’s no shame in leaning on life hacks—tips and tricks that make life easier when you have an illness as unpredictable as MS. Here are a few of my tried and true hacks!

Motor Skills a Bit Funky?

• Use magnets to pick up earrings from the floor or table.

• Have bigger things to pick up from the floor? Consider buying a grabber. They’re cheap and you don’t have to bend over or sit on your knees.

Shaky Memory?

• Sticky notes serve as great reminders around the house. I leave them on the front door if I need to remember to take something with me.

• Create precise alerts in your phone, and assign each alert a specific ringtone. This helps you to remember specific tasks or appointments more easily.

• Give much-used and needed items like car keys or an agenda a permanent, specific place in your house. After using them, always return these items to this place.

Having Trouble Keeping Track of Your Medication?

• Create a document listing your treatment (names, dosages, times), names and telephone numbers of your healthcare team and emergency contacts. Leave a copy in your hallway near the phone, in your handbag and with loved ones in case you need urgent assistance.

• Keep your medicines in a bedside table instead of a bathroom cabinet. This way you won’t skip your medication just to avoid getting out of bed again.

• Ask your pharmacy to dispense your daily medication in pill organising boxes to avoid dropping medication on the floor or forgetting when to take it.

Want more hacks? Sit back, relax and follow 365 Days of #MSLifeHacks and #MSLifeHacks on Twitter!

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