You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks! 7 Essential #MSLifeHacks for Your Pets

Good days, bad days, in between days — there’s nothing like a furry friend to keep you company and give you unconditional love and snuggles throughout the day. In addition to the joy that comes with having an adorable companion, studies suggest that living with a pet can make you feel more relaxed and reduce stress, as well as feelings of isolation. Plus, who doesn’t love the free entertainment that comes with having a pet?

While there are a ton of benefits to having a pet, we also know that taking care of a furry friend can be a lot of work! So for those of you with pets at home, we’ve compiled a few of our favourite #MSLifeHacks to help keep you and Fido (or Mr. Whiskers) happy. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

1. Swap out the cereal and keep dry pet food fresh and easy to pour. This hack helps when you don’t feel like lifting a heavy bag of pet food, and can be used with plastic pitchers, too!

2. Keeping your house clean with a shedding pet can be tough! Dampen a rubber glove with water and run over furniture to remove pet hair. This also works with a squeegee on carpets.


3. Attach a carabineer to the handle of a leash to quickly clip keys, collapsible water bowl or waste bags. It’s also handy for quickly clipping the leash onto itself and around a park bench or post. Fewer things for you to carry and you’ve got a happy pup!

4. Put a tennis ball in feed bowls to prevent dogs from eating too fast.


5. Cat get the crazies and run around the house at top speed? Affix Velcro strips to rugs to keep them from sliding — and you from tripping! Then sit back and watch that kitty fly.

6. Citrus-scented cleaners can also keep cats off of surfaces like dressers, tables and nightstands. No guarantees they’ll stay off your keyboard, though. Hey, they’re just trying to help you finish that e-mail, can you blame them?


7. Taking the pup for a walk? Protect yourself from the sun while getting some excellent Vitamin D.

What other little tricks do you use for your furry friends? Share your #MSLifeHacks with Living Like You on Facebook and Twitter.

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