What’s in Your Nightstand? Six Essentials for an Intimate Toolkit

Let’s just state the obvious: intimacy and sex can be important for maintaining a healthy relationship and should be pleasurable and fun for both partners. We know that getting it up to get down can be difficult when living with multiple sclerosis —and libidos are just as spontaneous for anyone regardless of health.

To keep you prepared for when the mood strikes, we’ve curated a list of nightstand essentials to have close by. Prepare yourself before reading this, it will most certainly make you blush!

Lubricants (we hate the word as much as you do!)

Try not to cringe, but we’re going to talk about dryness. Keeping things moist down there can be an issue for women facing MS. Luckily there are tons of lubricant options out there to help combat dryness , from warming and tingling for added sensation, to desensitizing if you experience pain during intercourse. We recommend choosing a water-based lubricant—it’s easy to wash off and won’t interfere with latex-based condoms or sex toys made from silicone . Which leads us to…

Break out the sex toys

Toys, tools, whatever you want to call them—can be extremely helpful for achieving climax. Vibrators can also be a multi-purpose tool, providing clitoral or penetrative stimulation depending on your sensitivity level. For men, try a massaging sleeve placed over the penis to help with grip . And in case you experience spasticity, don’t forget a warming massage oil or cream to help relax muscles before intimacy.

Literature, and we’re not talking Shakespeare

You’re not alone—missionary gets boring for everyone. Pick up a steamy novel or a fun book of sex positions (or for those with more classic tastes, the Kama Sutra) and flip through it with your partner for inspiration. Experiment to find a fantasy or position that is most comfortable for both of you.

Clean-up accessories

It’s natural for sex to be a little messy and between all those natural and artificial fluids, it helps to keep a discreet towel handy. For those who use a catheter, don’t be shy about asking your doctor for ways to keep things secure during intimacy.

Protection, people!

Stay safe and protect you and your partner from STI’s by using condoms or dental dams. That’s it!

As cheesy as it sounds, remember that while sex is great, it is not required to maintain intimacy with your partner. What’s important is doing what is most comfortable, safe and pleasurable for you. Now get on with your sexy self!

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