Tracking You: Top 20 Apps to Track Your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Life can get pretty hectic from time to time. But in our pockets, purses, and night stands, we might just hold the key to getting back on track, and staying there. Here’s a list of apps that can make your life a little easier, from fitness tracking to goal setting to inbox organisation. Now get to it!


1) Doable ($0.99) - Not just another to-do app, doable helps you manage goals and prioritize tasks intelligently, so it’s not all on your shoulders.

2) Everest (FREE) – A great goal-setting app that helps you set goals – and keep them – with time-specific reminders, and expert suggestions when you’re stuck.

3) Don’t Break the Chain (FREE) – This task-managing calendar is as simple as it gets. Set a task (like walking around the block) and check off each day you get it done.

4) Carrot ($1.99) - This snarky, clever app keeps you on point with funny reminders when you’re slacking off from your to-do list. “I’m so bored, can we finish something today?”


5) RunKeeper (FREE) - Track, map, and log your fitness progress with this pack-leading app that lets you choose multiple exercises like walking, jogging, and even wheelchair movement.

6) Lumosity (FREE) - Brain training gets gamified with mini games designed to keep you alert, improve your memory, and widen your attention span.

7) TED by TED Conferences (FREE) - Bite-size conference videos meant to inspire, featuring some of the world’s most fascinating people.

8) Calorie Counter (FREE) - A huge database of food items pairs with as easy-to-use interface to give you a seamless addition to everyday dieting and health tracking.


9) Happier (FREE) – Document and share the things that make you happy. Like an instagram for smiles, these little reminders keep you going.

10) Happify (FREE) - Developed and approved by behavior scientists. In their own words: “Train your brain, form life-changing habits, and build skills for lasting happiness.”


11) Mint (FREE) - An easy way to manage your personal finances, from bank accounts to spending habits, using easy graphs to understand what you’re saving and where your money goes.

12) Venmo (FREE) - An easy-to-use and user-friendly PayPal-type app. Send money to friends or pay bills and rent instantly from your bank account. If this app is not available where you live, there are a few similar apps.


13) Dropbox (FREE) - Easy access and sharability for all of your important files. This well-designed cloud service syncs with your desktop and makes everything accessible on the go.

14) 30/30 (FREE) – A beautifully-designed task manager that takes the stress out of deadlines and time limits.

15) Cloze (FREE) - Meet the inbox, simplified. This app puts all of your incoming Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and email messages together in one place.

16) Brewster (FREE) - Consolidate your address book using contacts from email, Facebook, LinkedIn and others.

And with all this tracking, you’ll need a chance to unwind now and then. Here’s a peek at a few of our favourite entertainment apps…


17) Swell (FREE) – Swell suggests podcasts and news stories for you based on ones you already like. It’s like Pandora for news.

18) Spotify (FREE) –The premiere (and legal) music playlist app that gives you a soundtrack for any run, task, meal, etc.

19) Remote (FREE) - Sync with iTunes from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to control your music – or Apple TV – from anywhere.

20) Retrica (FREE) - This app gives you lots of artistic, professionally designed filters and offers numerous other features, like a self-timer and photo booth.

What apps do you use? Share with us on Facebook.

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