Spring Cleaning – Let’s Start Fresh

Birgit Bauer
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Birgit Bauer

We all know living with multiple sclerosis means you have to be well organized! Often, when chaos does arise, it only exacerbates the symptoms of pain or fatigue. Over time, I’ve learned that doing a spring cleaning has a real positive effect. Rather than grabbing my mop and hopping to it, I ask myself a few questions: what has burdened me and what can I get rid of? By shedding extra belongings, I am able to reorganize and make more time for things I love. I’ve learned that a spring cleaning across my complete life has a positive effect and I can reorganise myself in the process. Not with my broom, but with some questions: What has burdened me? What should I get rid of?

Vampires of Energy

In all of our lives, there are people who love to take from you. Although this might be difficult to think about, it is true. Whether they take energy, support, or physical materials, they rarely give anything back. And if you are not able to give more, they leave. If you need help from them, they’re not around. These people, who take and take, are not good for you! Even though it’s hard, you might want to consider letting them go. Do you want to be under pressure from a person like this? Of course not!


I’ll admit it, I love checklists! Before I had a smartphone, I used to store all of my lists on pieces of paper in my kitchen, and it was always difficult to find the right one. Now I use apps to create lists, saving time and waste! My favourite app for this type of task is Evernote. It not only creates grocery lists, but also stores receipts, to do lists, and ideas. It is important to note, however, that spring cleaning in social media and apps is just as important as it is in your house!

My closet

Hello, my name is Birgit, and I love clothes! Not only do I love my daily wardrobe, I also love old clothes that might even be too big, too small, the wrong colour, or the wrong shape. I tend to hold on to them just in case, but then I can’t see my favourite clothes that I do wear. After a real painful and long cleaning session a few years ago, I finally made the decision to get rid of the old and organize the new. Now my closet is in shape and takes way less time to reorganize!

Are you considering taking on a big closet purge? I recommend perusing a few Pinterest boards before you get started. If you take a look, I bet you’ll even be able to find some pins that help you create new outfits out of clothes you already have!

One Place for important Things

Up until a few years ago, “darling where are my keys?” was one of my most-asked questions. Now that I have one drawer for keys, money, and other essentials – I never have an issue! When I come home, I immediately put all of my important things away, and I am all set!

I do have to admit that one thing hasn’t changed over the years…my handbag. Even though I’ve gotten better about organizing most aspects of my life, my handbag is still as chaotic and full as ever. From cosmetic bags to pill boxes, notebooks to charging cables, I just can’t seem to let go! Oh well, I guess I’ll take my spring cleaning in small doses for now!

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