Our MS, Your Way: Real-Talk for Your Doc

Life with multiple sclerosis can be overwhelming, before you add in eating healthy, maintaining a love life, getting enough sleep, and keeping up with your schedule of doctor appointments. So it’s understandable that many of us in the community don’t feel prepared with the right questions to ask our doctor during those appointments. But what if asking the right questions could help us to better understand, and ultimately, manage our MS?

That’s where “Our MS, Your Way” comes in. Our questionnaire is designed to help you have the most productive visits possible with your doctor – by helping you ask the right questions to get the information you need the most. We know honest conversations are an essential part of the doctor- patient relationship, and we want to arm you with the tips and tools you need to get there.

When we started out nearly four years ago, we aimed to be a go-to resource for people looking for real, authentic, and relatable information about what it’s really like to live with multiple sclerosis. And we’re still committed to that mission today.

Once you open our questionnaire, you will navigate through a series of questions related to the different ways that MS could be affecting your life. From fad diets to family planning, we are digging deep into all of the issues that you may be facing with MS. To help take away that paralyzing feeling of walking into the doctor’s office and instantly forgetting everything you wanted to talk about, we will also provide you with a customized print-out to take with you to your appointment.

At the end of the day, a trip to the doctor’s office should not be overwhelming, and we want to help make sure it isn’t. Take our questionnaire today, and let us know what you think!

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Birgit Bauer
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Birgit Bauer
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