Living Like You 2.0: Take the Real-Talk To-Go

If there’s one thing we can all agree on it’s that we here at Living Like You are always looking for new ways to help make life with MS easier.

Two years ago we set out on a mission to give people around the globe access to real, authentic and relatable information about what it’s like to actually live with multiple sclerosis. We wanted to be an alternative to the scary, static and unhopeful MS information that fills page after page, site after site on the Internet.

We realize you have to turn to resources other than this site to go deeper on MS — whether it’s a topic we haven’t covered, or scientific breakthroughs generating loads of online news, we know you’re getting information about MS in other places. So, we wondered if there was a way to take Living Like You with you on those research trips across the Internet.

Allow us to introduce MS: No Filter, our online dictionary and Chrome extension, created specifically to build on existing MS information across the web and infuse it with the unique perspective and real-talk you’d expect to find on Living Like You.

Once our extension is installed (download here!) and enabled, it will scan any page for matching terms. Those terms will be highlighted, and if there’s something you want to know more about, just mouse over it and a quick dose of down-to-earth Living Like You content will pop up. With that content, you’ll get a real-person explanation of the word and a surprise nugget of content that’ll burn that definition in your memory (wait ‘til you see the video for Sexual Dysfunction, oh yeah, we went there.)

The dictionary also lives right here on our site, where we’ve got a veritable ton of definitions and content ready and waiting for you to take a gander at, and we’ll keep adding more. From concepts as big as multiple sclerosis to things as small as the protein Albumin, we’re totally redefining how you experience learning about MS.

We like to say MS: No Filter provides just straight up information that doesn’t leave you lost and afraid in the world of chronic disease.

At the end of the day, we know MS can be scary. But it doesn’t have to be confusing. And that’s what MS: No Filter is all about—taking the uncertain, frightening and stressful parts of trying to understand your condition and turning those into information that actually helps you understand it. After all, having a clear understanding about what’s going on is the first step in building the best plan to fight it.

Visit our MS: No Filter dictionary (right here) and download the MS: No Filter plug-in here and take everything you love about Living Like You with you. Oh, and if you come across any MS terms or phrases out there on the wild wild web that could use the Living Like You touch, let us know!

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