Job Getting You Down? Dos and Don’ts for Staying the Course at Work

For those of us living with multiple sclerosis, handling our symptoms on a daily basis can make a 9 to 5 job particularly challenging. So what are you to do when the daily grind is wearing you down, when it seems like too much? We can’t guarantee our tips will make you whistle while you work, but they’ll hopefully help make your work day even just a little bit easier.

1. Do ask for a flexible schedule. First and foremost, see what your employer can do to help balance your work/life balance, whether it’s an earlier start time or the ability to work remotely a day or two a week.

2. Don’t procrastinate. At the beginning of each week, make a prioritized list of the tasks you need to accomplish, and give yourself enough time to complete them (maybe early in the day if you’re dealing with major fatigue). Tackling your to do list each day will give you a better shot at leaving on time and getting the rest you need!

3. Do reward yourself. Go ahead, indulge a little! Brew yourself a fresh cup of tea, keep some snacks at your desk, grab some fresh air — whatever you do during your work day, find time for simple pleasures to pull you out of that 2 o’clock slump.

4. Do make friends. If you haven’t already, get to know your co-workers by inviting them to lunch or joining a club. It helps to have that one person nearby who just gets you, someone you can chat with about television shows and vent to if you’re having a rough day.

5. Don’t get discouraged. Whether it’s at home or at work, a new challenge can really help to lift your spirits and help you regain some creativity. Pick up a hobby to add some fun to your off time, or see if there’s an interesting new project to keep you busy at work.

6. Do consider the alternatives. Job still not cutting it? Don’t forget that there are other options available to you, including freelancing, starting your own business or looking for a new job completely.

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