Introducing the 7-Day Challenge to Live Like You

For some, World MS Day is a reminder that you’re not alone…that there are 2.3 million other people around the world living with MS just like you.

But today is not just about living with MS, it is about living. World MS Day serves as a reminder of everyone’s shared desire to, as our website name states, “live like you” – both today and every day.

But do you know as much about what makes you…you? Have you taken advantage of all the tools out there to help you learn about yourself and gain a better understanding of your life with MS? It’s time to find out, which is why we are thrilled to launch the 7-Day Challenge to Live Like You.

What is the 7-Day Challenge to Live Like You?

Every day, you generate hundreds of pieces of information that tell you something about yourself. Whether it’s how many steps you’ve walked, calories burned, emails sent, even music you listened to – you have endless amounts of data, but what does it all mean? And more importantly, how can understanding it help you make lifestyle changes that are custom-tailored to you?

Tracking is the latest craze – there are wearable devices for pretty much everything. But for people living with MS, tracking can mean more than staying fit. It can help you better manage your symptoms and learn what works best for you.

You’ve spoken and we’ve listened. We know that you are more than your MS. You’re greater than an EDSS score or doctors’ notes on your medical chart. You are a person living a busy life and there is a lot that makes you…well, you! That’s what this challenge is about – it’s about you and equipping you with customized information that helps you better understand yourself.

The 7-Day Challenge is simple: track your activity for seven days and gain valuable insights into what works best for you. It’s that easy!

How Does the 7-Day Challenge Work?

The 7-Day Challenge uses an online tracking platform that takes data from your wearable technology, social media and everyday activities and draws custom insights that tell you more about yourself.

You start by plugging in the tracking tools that you use on a daily basis. These can range from FitBit, to Jawbone, to RunKeeper, among others. But it doesn’t just have to be wearable tech. You can also connect your email, calendar, social channels and more to generate loads of information about yourself. Don’t want to integrate your devices and accounts? No problem, you can manually enter your data if you choose. At the end of seven days, you will receive a customized insights report offering you valuable insight into what makes you tick.

Insights can include everything from how your sleep impacts your mood, how the number of emails you receive impacts your sex life, how the music you listen to impacts your fitness and so much more.

Keeping Track of You – Why It Matters

For people living with MS, the benefits of life tracking can be huge. Tracking your health (both mental and physical) habits help take the guesswork out of what is and isn’t working for you, allowing you to reach real, meaningful results.

But how? Here’s an example. We know that one of the indicators of disease activity in MS is an accelerated reduction in brain size, or brain atrophy.

Brain atrophy can lead to cognitive challenges that can make living with MS pretty difficult (not fun, we know!). But imagine if you were able to see what types of lifestyle modifications make cognitive activities like a heavy volume of email at work a bit more manageable? It could not only be helpful, it could even be empowering.

Why Seven Days?

Because you can do anything for seven days! Ok, maybe not anything, but we hope you’ll agree that just seven days of tracking to help you better understand what makes you tick is a pretty good deal!

The 7-Day Challenge is available to you now and you can begin tracking whenever you’re ready. Tracking doesn’t need to stop once you complete the 7-Day Challenge. If you want to keep learning valuable insights about yourself, the online tracking platform will still be available to you.

Let’s get tracking!

Take the 7-Day Challenge at:

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