Declutter Your Desk, Declutter Your Mind

Life is a balancing act – especially as a person living with multiple sclerosis. In one given week, between business meetings, doctor appointments, taking care of pets, and keeping up with family and friends – juggling your calendar alone can seem like a full-time job!

Remaining organized and decluttering your work space (and mind) can increase productivity and provide stress relief, both in the office and at home. Read on for five of our favorite tips on staying organized:

1. Your smartphone calendar is your friend

For many people, having two calendars – one for work and one for personal life – is not enough. Compiling the two in your smart phone will provide a holistic view of your schedule and best assist in time management.

2. Invest in a planner

Weekly planners are dual-purpose – especially in an office setting. Daily to-do lists are consolidated and less likely to be misplaced than Post-Its or loose leaf paper. The weekly view also allows foresight into your projects in the coming days, so you can prioritize your schedule accordingly.

3. File your emails

Inboxes can be overwhelming, especially if you get hundreds of emails per day! To avoid getting bogged down, consider creating sub-folders to organize your messages by category for easy reference in the future.

4. Clean workspace = less stress

Clutter can intensify stress. Carve out time to tidy your desk at least once per week, removing unnecessary papers, pens, coffee cups, etc. The cleansing of your space will make you feel in control and ready to conquer the day!

5. Pin up reminders

Have a big deadline coming up? It may not be enough to track your progress in a planner. Pin up reminders on a cork board or cubicle wall at eye level to avoid forgetting important dates.

One final reminder – be patient with yourself. Balancing work, family and your health is no easy feat!

If you experience difficulty remaining organized and on task while at work, consult your manager or HR representative on ways to manage your roles and responsibilities post-diagnosis. As you know - it’s important to prioritize your wellness and happiness above all 

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