A Reminder We’re More than Our MS

Karen O’Shea
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Karen O’Shea

When it comes to staying on top of all of the moving parts in my life, making lists is a must. Without lists I would forget to buy bread, I would forget birthdays, and I would probably also forget where my child is supposed to be (she has a lot of activities). However, the list I’m talking about today is no ordinary one as it helps me to remember way more than what to get at the grocery store. It is a list of simple, everyday things that remind me to embrace the silly, fun side of life, to always laugh and make others laugh, and to remember that I am much more than my MS.

Hug a tree.

Yes, you may definitely get some funny looks but so what? Nature is so beautiful! Take a look around, breathe it in, and enjoy the change of seasons.

Sing at the top of your lungs.

Sing out, Louise! For those of you who sound like a cat being strangled, maybe sing in the shower or in the comfort of your own home. Not to sound like my old choir teacher but your diaphragm will ‘thank you for it’.

Pet a cat or dog.

Several studies have shown that people who own pets are often much less stressed overall. Who could blame them? In my mind, there is nothing more calming than petting a cute cat or dog. If you are allergic, maybe reach out to one of your friends with a fish. I wouldn’t recommend taking them out of their fish bowl and petting them (they don’t like that!), but watching them swim around could be quite cathartic as well.

Hide some chocolate from your children/spouse/significant other

Wait until they are out of the house and savour every mouthful. Forbidden chocolate? Trust me, nothing tastes better! One tip though, remember to clean your face after. Leave no trace behind!

Bake a cake

Ever since I was little I have always loved to bake and think of it as a sort of science experiment. When I had my first foray into baking at the age of four, I baked a cake for my dad which somehow turned out pink despite not using any food colouring! He ate some even though it must have tasted awful I like to think that my baking has improved since then, but I always taste test my baking just in case!

Start a book club

Although this might seem a little bit tame, it can actually be quite wild! I’m not talking about reading Jane Austen or the writings of William Shakespeare unless that’s what you like. I’m talking erotic fiction. Trust me this can be so much fun. There is even a good drinking game for this (I’ve heard). I think it’s something along the lines of drinking every time the male appendage is mentioned (tea of course).

The most important thing is to remember that whatever you do should always be viewed as a triumph. Always keep in mind that you are so much more than your MS! So what are you waiting for – tell us what would be on your MS list!

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