Sweater when traveling

A wrap or sweater is invaluable for traveling. Although it might be nice to be cool, you also don’t want to be uncomfortable in an over-air-conditioned cabin. #MSLifeHacks

Talcum powder sheets

Too hot to sleep? Sprinkle a very light dusting of talcum powder between sheets. The powder helps cool things down and absorbs excess moisture from sweat. #MSLifeHacks

Regulate body temp this summer with light-coloured clothing

Choose light-coloured clothing for summer temperatures. Studies show wearing lighter shades helps regulate body temperature. #MSLifeHacks

Tackle the physical parts of your summer days in the mornings

Summer heat getting you down? Tackle the most physical aspects of your day in the morning, when the weather is the coolest. #MSLifeHacks

Choose frozen fruit and smoothies over ice cream

Choose frozen fruit or smoothies over ice cream in the summer heat. Studies have shown calorie-rich foods like ice cream increase your body temperature once the cool feeling has worn off. #MSLifeHacks

Soak a scarf in cool water to wear outside in the summer heat

Going to be spending time outside in the summer? Soak a scarf in cool water and wear it around your neck while you’re outdoors. #MSLifeHacks