Cover corners with bubble wrap

Cover up corners or sharp objects in your home with bubble wrap just in case you bump into them or trip. #MSLifeHacks

Shoe boxes drawer sorters

Use shoe boxes to make DIY drawer sorters, then fill the compartments with folded underwear, socks, or stacked bras. #MSLifeHacks

Easy reach kitchen tools

Use adhesive hooks in a central spot, like on a kitchen island, to keep all of your most-used kitchen tools within easy reach. #MSLifeHacks

Sandpaper soles shoes

Love your new shoes but hate their slippery bottoms? Rub the soles with sandpaper or against concrete until the smooth sole is rough. #MSLifeHacks

Fabric paint nonskid socks

If you’re worried about slipping on the floor around your house, create your own nonskid socks. Use fabric paint to make puffy, raised lines and paint on the bottom of socks. #MSLifeHacks

Install an extra shower rod with hooks and baskets for easy to reach bath products

Make bath products easier to reach by installing an extra shower rod inside your shower. Add hooks and baskets and voila - no more shower strain.