Pool noodle hold cards

Cut a slit into a short piece of a pool noodle to help you hold cards hands-free during games. #MSLifeHacks

Peel an orange easily

Peel an orange and eat it without getting orange peel under your nails or juice all over yourself—just cut a few lines into the peel with a sharp knife. #MSLifeHacks

Baby powder jewelry chains

Baby powder will help you easily untangle jewelry chains. Sprinkle the powder on the chain and pull it apart with a pin. #MSLifeHacks

Apple slicer for potatoes

Use an apple slicer to easily cut through potatoes and make delicious potato wedges. #MSLifeHacks

Cut herbs with scissors

Want an easy way to add herbs to your cooking? Skip the chopping – cut them into a small bowl using scissors and then toss into your dish with ease. #MSLifeHacks

Easy blender cleaning

Getting your blender squeaky clean is simple and easy on your hands! Fill your blender halfway with water, add dish soap and blend on low for 10 seconds. #MSLifeHacks