Baby shampoo cleans makeup brushes

Baby shampoo is much less expensive than makeup brush cleaner, but leaves your brushes squeaky clean. #MSLifeHacks

Lower grocery bill

Looking for a healthy way to lower your grocery bill? Fill your cart with more veggies and less meat to get more nutrition for your money. #MSLifeHacks

Wrap cheese in wax paper

Keep cheese fresh longer by wrapping it in waxed paper inside a plastic bag. #MSLifeHacks

Keep receipts in folders

Keep receipts from online shopping in their own folder in your email—you can add paper receipts by snapping a picture and sending it to yourself. #MSLifeHacks

Save on electric bill

Unplug electronics or appliances you’re not using to save on your electric bill. #MSLifeHacks

Pay with cash

Pay for things in cash so it’s not “imaginary” money. You’re much less likely to waste it. #MSLifeHacks