Remember passwords with app

Give yourself a hand with remembering passwords. A trusted app will keep all your passwords in one place—with one master password to access them. #MSLifeHacks

Ask for copies of doctors notes

Sometimes doctors run through a lot of updates and information during appointments—and you can’t think of all your questions on the spot. Ask for copies of the doctor’s notes before you head out so that you can take a look when you’re home and formulate any follow-up questions. #MSLifeHacks

Keep details straight

Keep the essential details straight with notes you take before important conversations – whether it’s with your family, friends or your doctor. #MSLifeHacks

Organize with clothespins

Organize your bills and mail with labeled clothespins, so you’ll remember what needs to be handled first. #MSLifeHacks

Attractive dry erase board

Make an attractive dry erase board with a piece of wallpaper or fabric in your favorite frame, then jot notes on the glass with a dry-erase marker. #MSLifeHacks

Shoelace find keys

Never dig for your keys again. Just tie one end of a shoelace to your house or car key and tie the other to a zipper pull inside your handbag. When you tug the string, your keys will appear. #MSLifeHacks