Keep razors sharp with jeans

Keep your razors from getting dull by running them up and down a pair of old jeans. #MSLifeHacks

Baby shampoo cleans makeup brushes

Baby shampoo is much less expensive than makeup brush cleaner, but leaves your brushes squeaky clean. #MSLifeHacks

Proper fit when shoe shopping

Shopping for shoes? Try to stick to afternoon or evening, so you have a better idea of how they fit, because your feet swell throughout the day. #MSLifeHacks

Lower grocery bill

Looking for a healthy way to lower your grocery bill? Fill your cart with more veggies and less meat to get more nutrition for your money. #MSLifeHacks

Remember passwords with app

Give yourself a hand with remembering passwords. A trusted app will keep all your passwords in one place—with one master password to access them. #MSLifeHacks

Lint roller cleans lampshade

Run a lint roller over the inner and outer surfaces of a dirty lampshade—then use a hair dryer to blow dust out of the seams. #MSLifeHacks