Marta Fernández Rivera

Marta Fernández Rivera / Spain

"Your thoughts build your life, choose them well to transform adversity into opportunity"

Marta is a communication and marketing professional, specializing in healthcare. Multiple sclerosis has been a part of her life since her sister Begoña was diagnosed at age 23. They live with and treat MS as a family affair and refer to it as “a capricious and uncomfortable traveling companion.”

Marta volunteers with people living with MS, has worked as a communications and marketing director in a patient organization, and has organized numerous public awareness campaigns and scientific congresses about MS.

She is also a Co-Founder of, is very active on social networks. By being both positive and realistic, she tries to do her part to promote empathy and humanize health. Marta is firmly committed to patients, and has made listening to them and giving them a voice one of her life goals.

She loves life, good or bad, challenges or debates, and is always willing to support a worthy cause.

*Living Like You bloggers are financially compensated at a reasonable market rate for their time. Payments to bloggers in no way influences their writing, opinions or perspectives on life with multiple sclerosis.

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