Bruna Rocha Silveira

Bruna Rocha Silveira / Brazil

“Nothing we endure makes sense, if we don’t touch people's hearts.” - Cora Coralina

Bruna is an activist and researcher in the field of ‘culture and disability’ with a Master’s degree in communications. She had never heard of Multiple Sclerosis before her diagnosis in 2000 at age 14, and ever since has been on a path to learn the best way to live with it. Bruna believes discrimination is eradicated through information, and has been writing about living with MS since 2009, when she started a blog to share her experiences and meet new friends.

Her activism lead her to become a Doctoral candidate in education; she studies ways to teach people about how to learn to live with diseases. But her life is not limited to her battles. She also enjoys life’s simple pleasures. In her free time she loves to cook, read, appreciate the sunrise and sunset, and enjoy family, friends and her husband (who also has multiple sclerosis).

*Living Like You bloggers are financially compensated at a reasonable market rate for their time. Payments to bloggers in no way influences their writing, opinions or perspectives on life with multiple sclerosis.

Recent Entries by Bruna Rocha Silveira

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Living Like You blogger Bruna shares her experience as a cared caregiver, while living with MS.

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Run for the bus? Not a chance! Living Like You blogger Bruna explains how her multiple sclerosis has allowed her to embrace her inner diva.

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